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Don's website which is here because it can be. I post most of my content on gopher anyway, but since the web is much more accessible for the average person, so this is here in order to provide an easy landing for anyone who happens to find me. This site is static, which means no trackers, ads, JavaScript or anything that follows you. Everyone who sees this sees the same thing, except for fonts which differ from system to system.


What is a "Now" page?

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What is going on in my life right now?

After a stressful finals week, I've finally finished my first year of university. Right now I'm waiting out the summer with basically nothing to do until the fall 2019 semester starts. I'm currently delving into self-hosting a pleroma instance, and it's quite a blast! As for my goals, I purchased a drawing tablet off Amazon for my introductory drawing class in the fall. I might get a head start and mess around with it while I wait.

What do I want to do before I finish university?

What are my long term goals?