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Status Update

updates gopher
I haven’t posted much recently, so I thought I’d make a status update of sorts. I’ve been so focused on coursework, getting addicted to Destiny 2, and migrating to Windows 11 as a daily driver (I know, the heresy) that I forgot I even hosted things at home. Administrative Stuff Since I last posted, I temporarily removed the public repository from tildegit. While it’s a good place, they have rules about sensitive content, and since I wrote that one definitely kink story before, I took it down to comply with those rules preemptively. Read more...

[NSFW] Galaxies

nsfw cw esoteric kink
Content warnings: although not explicitly sex related, alludes to kinks including but not limited to: transformation, inflation/inflatables, pregnancy. The story is directed as if it’s a conversation to the reader. This is a very esoteric idea I just couldn’t get out of my mind. Reader’s discretion is advised. It was an unforgettable day, no matter how routine it started. Getting out of bed, taking a shower, making sure I’m all polished up and ready for the day. Read more...

The Fediverse Isn't Safe Anymore

mastodon fediverse harassment cw
Content warnings: mentions of transphobia, harassment, doxxing and suicide. Reader’s discretion is advised. It happened again. More trans people have been harassed and doxxed on the fediverse, forcing them to leave social media entirely to keep themselves safe. I’m not here to rehash the same things people have said in other blog posts and talk in depth about how harassers are so rampant and toxic on the fediverse, they have said it far better than I could have (see the below links). Read more...

On Physical Currency: Use your dang cash!

currency coins
There are a lot of misconceptions about physical US currency that have existed as long as I’ve been alive. Half Dollars are seen as a rare artifact of the distant past. Every couple years there’s a story about someone getting arrested for paying with a $2 bill by officers and cashiers who don’t know they are still being actively produced and circulated. In 2005, a man was arrested and spent time in county jail for using a $2 at a Best Buy. Read more...

An Open Letter Calling for the Resignation of Eugen Rochko (Gargron) from Mastodon Development

mastodon fediverse open letter living document
This is a “Living Document”, meaning that it may be edited over time, mainly to add signees Traduction française par @theo@soc.webair.xyz Русский перевод от @lnkr@social.inex.rocks In recent times, users and administrators across the wider Fediverse community have raised concerns with Eugen’s leadership in maintaining Mastodon software, and lack of moderation on his own instances mastodon.social and mastodon.online. We, the undersigned, feel that it is in the best interest of the Fediverse community that Eugen resign from his role as maintainer of the mainline Mastodon code, as well as its auxiliary software, including but not limited to the Mastodon iOS App. Read more...

Intel Wifi Drivers: Finally, a bodge!

bugs fixes intel iwlwifi kernel linux wi-fi wireless
A few weeks ago I did a post about the crazy beacon timings bug with Intel’s wireless drivers on Linux, and tried a few more things. I’m pleased to say I no longer have frequent disconnects (which got a lot worse on linux513), however there is the caveat that I no longer have a full speed 802.11ac connection. As for a complete fix, one hasn’t been found yet, and the thread has devolved into people’s vacation auto-reply emails Read more...

Commander's Log: May 25, 3307

elite elite-dangerous writing in-universe
I made it to the Herbig Ae/Be star in the Aucopp QD-B E0 system on schedule today. It was a sight to behold, a brilliant yellow with a mass 4.6 times that of Sol, yet only 1/8th the radius. The only thing else in the system is a thin belt of asteroids, so I have to leave the ship adrift for tonight. I don’t want to keep jumping around finding a suitable planet to land on and “set up camp” if you could call it that. Read more...

Commander's Log: May 24, 3307

elite elite-dangerous writing in-universe
I thought I’d try keeping a log for myself. Sure, Universal Cartographics gets to go deep into all the scans I make along the way, but I’d like to keep some of the memories from out in the black in a way that isn’t a giant database of numbers and statistics. I started a bit late for this expedition, I set off two days ago galactic standard time to fill in some more entries in my codex, confirming reports of some different phenomena in the Spur. Read more...

[X-POST] Elite Dangerous: Odyssey First Impressions

elite elite dangerous gaming review
Note: This was originally posted on Mastodon at Vulpine Club and has been reformatted and edited for posting here. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Putting aside the horrible performance issues, this DLC quite possibly broke the game completely. The new on foot gameplay elements would be great if it weren’t for the complete destruction of the galaxy. The new planetary engine changed all of the beautiful colors of the planets we all know and love (those reds and pinks and icy worlds) into just a generic moon grey. Read more...

The Curse of the Intel Wireless AC Chipset

bugs intel iwlwifi kernel linux wi-fi wireless
Intel wireless drivers on linux have been dodgy for years. I’m currently experiencing a bug having to do with beacon timings and dropped connections on 802.11ac connections (I refuse to call it Wi-Fi 5). It has the most interesting and depressing linux kernel bugzilla thread I have ever seen. In fact, it’s so fascinating to me that I’ll go through it again and write up my thoughts based on the issues I’ve faced, and what solutions I’ve tried (that have all failed). Read more...
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