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Personal Log: April 5 [Apto April 2022 Part 5: Future]

aptophilia sci-fi magitech inflatable
I… I never thought I could wear out. The past few weeks I’ve been struggling to shift, each form more solid then the last. But now, I think, I can’t change anymore. It’s been, what. No… My chronometer can’t be right, it’s been 5,000 years? How have my memory banks not been filled yet? Of all the forms I’ve chosen over the centuries, I think this, this is the best one to stick with for however long I can go. Read more...

Personal Log: April 4 [Apto April 2022 Part 4: Past]

sci-fi transformation aptophilia magitech inflatable
Today I reminisced about the day I went through my nanite conversion. I was very disoriented at first. Going from my original broken human body into this was not an easy transition. I’m just glad nobody recorded me struggling to build a coherent form… … …well I did, for, uh, reasons. Look, I just wanted to be able to look at the process happen okay? It’s not every day you can see an actual transformation take place in the real world! Read more...

Personal Log: April 3 [Apto April 2022 Part 3: Circus]

aptophilia sci-fi magitech transformation inflatable
I stopped by in the Rigel System to go to the big magitech expo and take a look around. It didn’t seem much like an expo, there were a lot of performers around. Of course, I walking around as basically a big balloon animal, got mistaken for one of the props. They didn’t believe me when I said I was just a nanite synth, they didn’t bother scanning me until after the act was over to validate my ID. Read more...

Personal Log: April 2 [Apto April 2022 Part 2: Science]

aptophilia inflatable magic magitech sci-fi transformation
Being a synthetic creature has its perks. The nanites that make up my body can rearrange themselves into just about anything, so I can experiment with new shapes and sizes. I try to emulate something not-so-obviously robotic, but I can do so many synth-y things despite my looks. It’s a lot more convenient to just turn my hand into a tool instead of carrying around a toolbox everywhere. Maintenance on the ship is a breeze, I can look in all the service panels to see hot spots and pinpoint all the little broken components without needing to do tedious scans. Read more...

Personal Log: April 1 [Apto April 2022 Part 1: Magic]

aptophilia inflatable magic magitech sci-fi
Today was just one of those days. I had to pick a magmat1 haul on April Fool’s, the most unpredictable day of the entire standard year. Paws2 recording. Is it picking up my peach3 correctly? Ugh. It didn’t even– You know what? I’ll just keep sqrrrking4. This was supposed to be a short run, Alpha Centauri to Sol and back in time for dinner. Picked up the cargo at 06:00 ship’s thyme5, estimated arrival at Goal6 by 13:00 if the traffic is bad on the main routes. Read more...


I hope you’re having a wonderful day. This is just a test post to see if automated builds are working, but I might as well make it a positive affirmation. If I can keep up with it, I plan on having a post every day in April, following Caudle’s Apto April prompts. Although, I won’t be writing them every day, as you’ve probably guessed that this post exists because I wanted to find a way to write a bunch of things all at once and have stuff show up once a day. Read more...

Wordle Stats: February 2022

gaming wordle
Here are my personal statistics playing the New York Times version of Wordle. I started playing this version on Februrary 17, so this isn’t a full month of play. Summary Games Played: 12 Games Won: 11 Games Lost: 1 Win Percentage: 91.7% Guess Distribution 1: 0 (0%) 2: 1 (8.3%) 3: 3 (25%) 4: 2 (16.7%) 5: 2 (16.7%) 6: 3 (25%) X: 1 (8.3%) Game Log 2/17: Wordle 243 X/6* Read more...

Big Update

gopher health
A lot has happened in the past week and a half for me. In brief: there was a shooting on my university campus that left one student in my graduating class dead, my right knee unexpectedly sprained and dislocated, and I’m now being evicted and have to move out by the end of March. That last part has some very big implications for this blog, and I’ll mainly focus on that. Read more...

One Space, Two Space; Green Space, Blue Space.

The age-old debate: one space after each sentence, or two spaces after each sentence. It’s a whitespace debate older than the most furious tabs versus spaces debacle. Which is right, which is wrong? Sure, you could explain this through a simple difference of opinion, or perhaps a generational divide, but the issue is a bit more nuanced than that. The quick answer is: follow whatever style manual you’re given. However, if you’re like me, you’re your own boss when it comes to formatting you’re writing in certain situations (like here). Read more...

Being productive doesn't mean doing something at every moment.

adhd productivity
My struggles with ADHD have lead me to seek out and try many, many different techniques to try and be more productive. No one technique really worked. Sure, they would help for a time, but then I’d slip up once and fall into a period of complete executive dysfunction again. Turns out, the thing that helped the most (besides getting medication obviously) was simply not making myself feel guilty for not finishing all the tasks I had set out for the day. Read more...
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