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Personal Log: April 8 [Apto April 2022 Part 8: City]

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I always love making trips to Poseidon IV. It’s one of those touristy destinations that a lot of people shy away from because of water worlds, but it’s my favorite spot to go to. Luckily a cargo run brought me into this sector, and the ship was due for some maintenance on its sub systems. Not systems within systems, I mean sub systems. Like submarines. People thought I was nuts for buying an old deep space science vessel to run a small shipping business but the fun exotic planets pay the good money too. And, I’m a perfect fit for this world!

Underwater cities truly are a marvel, and it’s a shame most people don’t have gills to experience it without being locked behind an environmental suit. The waters are warm here, the currents in this area are calm and gentle. Despite so much going on here, hundreds of square kilometers of hustle-and-bustle, the sea is so pure. Earth’s oceans can’t compare to the feeling of such pristine saline running over my gills, I can feel myself much stronger here than elsewhere, even if that’s just a simulation of my nanites trying to give me a mimic organic body.

The city itself is quite a sight, lights as colorful as a coral reef in all places, buildings with large ballasts at their midsections to keep them at a constant depth, every floor is a ground floor. Shuttles and skiffs zooming around, the shadows of traffic on the surface, and creatures like me who don’t need a vehicle or scuba motor to get around quick. Wake speed indicators at various depths below the “horizon” show how fast you can go to not disturb the lowest levels of traffic zones, below that the only speed limit is whatever your craft can handle!

Honestly, It’s not that scary swimming alongside everything. With my strong tail I can get up to 15 knots comfortably, maybe pushing it to 20 in a sprint, but that’s a lot for something underwater. If I need to go places fast, there’s ports out there. Sort of combination sea, air, and spaceports, but the combination is in the vehicle itself. The Poseidon system’s biggest claim to fame is their invention of spacecraft that can go underwater to crushing depths, further than I can go. That’s why I always come here for maintenance, the technicians here are next to no-one when it comes to service.

It’s nice to get out and stretch my tail a bit, but it’s almost time to head back to the ship for the night. All these neon signs are beautiful, but my snout is tingling so much from the power conduits that I’m getting dizzy and irrationally angry at them. I swear I’m not going to chew on the cables just to stop it, I don’t want to end up on a headline with an unflattering photo. At least, as long as I don’t get somewhere with good RF isolation in the next 20 minutes– Grrrrrrrrrr~ NGgrrahhh–

End of Recording (Edited)

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