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About Me

I’m Sierra, a 20-something trans inflatable shark girl trapped in a meat mech with a “glitch” to keep me company (she came up with this pun so it’s ok). As if that introduction isn’t obvious enough, I’m weird, I’m queer, I love it. I don’t have a specific focus for this site, only posting things I find interesting. I guess, I can only really describe this as “eclectic”, as “whatever my ADHD hyperfocuses on at any given moment” is too much of a mouthful. However, my background is in Computer Science and programming, so many of my posts may come from that angle.

My pronouns are it/its.

This site used to be hosted on a Raspberry Pi on my home internet, as well as a Gopher server, but has since moved to an actual VPS. Big thanks to the Foxiepaws System for letting me host this blog on their server.

NSFW content will be labeled as such in the post title and the tags.

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