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Personal Log: April 7 [Apto April 2022 Part 7: Light]

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Please, try not to laugh at my voice while you listen to this. I know, I know, you’re probably wondering, “Sierra, how did you mix up the air tank hookups again”. It’s hard! There’s no difference in the wall ports! Cut me some slack will you. Wait no, if I’m still up here when you see me next, do not cut the slack. I don’t want to float away!


It seems like, every time I stay at this hotel, this happens. Ha-ha, laugh at the pool-shark stuck on the ceiling and can’t get down to call room service for help. Ugh. It’s not my fault these cheap comms can’t hear my squeaky voice! And I just had to leave the window open too. It’s a good thing I tethered myself to the bedpost, but the string is a bit too long and I’m afraid I’ll get blown out and dangle outside…

…whishhh… …crrr-rrk…

…No, no I didn’t do this on purpose. It’s just a coincidence that I happened to be secured–

knock knock knock

H-haha! J-just a minute!–

(No no no, I’m not gonna be able to edit this instead of automatic posting without reaching the– C’mon c’mon–)

bmp… bmp bmp… crrrk–

knock knock knock “Hello? Are you ready?~”

W-Wait, just a bit more–

(Grrr… bmpbmpbmp– Gah! Can’t reach– Sqrrrk! Screw it,)

End recording–