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social-media vent

It’s been a while since I last posted, and I wish I had better news. The job hunt is worse than ever, housing is going up in the air again, and of course some shakeups with social channels. I’m kind of tired posting about how flimsy my living situation has been for more than a year now, so instead I’ll just focus on what’s most important for you to worry about.

Social Channels

First off, I have long since wiped my Twitter account, and have no intention of returning. The account still technically exists but only to park the username for security reasons. Next, Vulpine Club is sunsetting in the near future, so I have moved my main and only active fediverse account to @sierrashark@treehouse.systems. My follows and followers should, for the most part, have migrated over by now. I’m going to miss it there, but nothing lasts forever, and I’m glad Vulpine Club is going away on a high note, unlike other communities that have had ugly breakdowns in the past.

The Future

I want to post more here, but I never have anything new to say. I don’t know if it’s just the stagnation in my life right now, or just ADHD focusing making me forget I have a blog at all! I want to continue the reading list and try and find myself things to do that aren’t just scrolling feeds all the time again, but I can’t get things to stick lately.

Seattle may not happen at all this year, but I hope I at least get a job. I’ve lowered my standards to the point where I’ll probably take anything that won’t make my knee give out again. At least I have some income, but it’s so little that I’m only able to save about $50 per week towards a meager savings that could get wiped out for an emergency expense well before I finally scrounge enough to pay a rental deposit, let alone get a car.

On the bright side, I haven’t had any automated job rejections in the last couple of days.