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Personal Log: April 4 [Apto April 2022 Part 4: Past]

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Today I reminisced about the day I went through my nanite conversion. I was very disoriented at first. Going from my original broken human body into this was not an easy transition. I’m just glad nobody recorded me struggling to build a coherent form…

…well I did, for, uh, reasons. Look, I just wanted to be able to look at the process happen okay? It’s not every day you can see an actual transformation take place in the real world! But, I digress.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know who I was, I’ve had something like this form in my dreams for as long as I can remember, but nothing can prepare you for your body becoming a clump of tiny machines. It took a couple hours of being a blueish blob before everything clicked into place. That feeling, of rising out of a goop and standing tall and strong and me, the real me, for the first time? I’ll never forget it…

…because I promptly knocked over the health monitor stand with my tail wagging from excitement.

I spent the next few days shifting into different forms, different materials, and different sizes because of how natural it finally felt. It was like flexing a muscle in a satisfying way. Stimming by turning inflatable and back over and over again. Even at the start, I preferred my pooltoy form, just because my tail kept getting caught in shutting doors and harmlessly squishing.

I didn’t mind all these little quirks, I just found myself giggling every time. Sometimes I still long for the novelty of it all, but some things never get old. Like me holding my cup of coffee in my tailfluke! Hah, the day I mastered using it like a hand was game-changing… Ahh… Memories…

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