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Personal Log: April 5 [Apto April 2022 Part 5: Future]

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I never thought I could wear out.

The past few weeks I’ve been struggling to shift, each form more solid then the last. But now, I think, I can’t change anymore.

It’s been, what. No… My chronometer can’t be right, it’s been 5,000 years? How have my memory banks not been filled yet?

Of all the forms I’ve chosen over the centuries, I think this, this is the best one to stick with for however long I can go. Simple, adorable. Everyone loved to give me hugs when I stuck with this balloon body a lot! I’ve still got it! All this time and I still remember how to use these useless mitts.

I guess, maybe I’m not immortal after all. Entropy always catches up eventually. My battery cells are still decent, memory still fits inside me, but I can get some drives if that changes. I guess shifting was strenuous over the long term.

Maybe it’s time to retire the shipping business, go to some far off ocean world, float along the currents for a while, and reflect on the old days. Watch some old memories…

Yeah… That sounds amazing…

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