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I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

This is just a test post to see if automated builds are working, but I might as well make it a positive affirmation.

If I can keep up with it, I plan on having a post every day in April, following Caudle’s Apto April prompts. Although, I won’t be writing them every day, as you’ve probably guessed that this post exists because I wanted to find a way to write a bunch of things all at once and have stuff show up once a day.

Static site generators make this annoying since it requires setting up a way to build every so often, and that’s even harder since most setups rebuild on git pushes, but the site doesn’t magically know when to rebuild if there’s something scheduled for a certain time. So, I just set up a cron job… and a remote git on this server… and changed some build scripts… It isn’t pretty, but basically I have:

  • my working repository on whatever I’m editing a post on (e.g. my desktop)
  • a bare repository on the server to use as remote origin
  • a non-bare repository the server to have the source files to build
  • public_html (the folder that gets served to the web)

And then I set up the cron job:

  • change into the non-bare server repository directory
  • git clone from the bare “remote” that’s on the same server
  • build the site
  • rsync the files over to public_html/ also on the same server
  • repeat every hour on the hour

And use a build script that I can deploy from my working repository on my desktop if I just want to post something now, or I could just git push and wait for the next hourly refres.

It’s not pretty, but at least this solves my problem of not having a remote repository for redundancy…

Again, I hope you’re having a swell day!