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Commander's Log: May 24, 3307

elite in-universe

I thought I’d try keeping a log for myself. Sure, Universal Cartographics gets to go deep into all the scans I make along the way, but I’d like to keep some of the memories from out in the black in a way that isn’t a giant database of numbers and statistics.

I started a bit late for this expedition, I set off two days ago galactic standard time to fill in some more entries in my codex, confirming reports of some different phenomena in the Spur.

I set off in Beowulf from Brett High in Tionisla towards my first target, the Aucopp QD-B E0 system, whose main star is a Herbig Ae/Be class star. I’ve never come across one in my travels through the Orion Nebula, to Colonia, or going around the Galactic Core. The ship’s navigation plotted a route of 44 jumps via a few neutron stars closer to the destination.

So far, I haven’t found much of note. I ended today’s trek 23 jumps in, with 19 to go. Two systems caught my eye:

On Jump 21 I arrived at Swoiwns GG-P c14-23 which was a quaternary star system. Star A was a K type star, B, C, and D were M dwarfs. It’s not often you come across a system with this many stars. I seem to recall the most stars in a system that I’ve come across was 7, and they were all brown dwarfs.

On Jump 23, before I stopped for the day, I arrived at Swoiwns QT-Z c16-28, which was a binary system, A being a K type star and B an M dwarf. This system was my first real interesting mapping opportunity. Planet A 1 is a terraformable world with a sulfur dioxide atmosphere and a gravity of 0.58Gs. A 2 is a water world with a very similar atmosphere to Earth, 70% Nitrogen/19% Oxygen. This system will definitely make me some credits, and it really helped to break the monotony of the dozens of systems comprised of only icy bodies, if they had planets at all.

I’ll take a pretty boring first leg over Thargoid attacks any day. Last I heard, the Oracle was falling out of orbit after it got attacked. I hope the station was boosted in time, a station of that size falling down leaves a big mark on a planet.

Next leg I might make it to the Herbig star, as for where I’ll go after that, I haven’t decided. That decision is for another day.