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For those who haven’t seen my Gopher posts before (RIP), I used to do a “Random Thoughts” post when I didn’t have any ideas. It’s usually a paragraph or two on a random thing on my mind, with no rhyme or reason to the post as a whole. Here I am, out of ideas again, and I really just want to put stuff down, so why not bring that back.

The weather has been insane the past week or two. It’s been a constant tug-of-war between the mild 10s C (50s F) and -10s C (20s F) with a massive front moving over the area again and again. It’s been windy, snowy some days, rainy the next, and everyone’s getting sick at the same time. I wish nature would just make up its damn mind already and either say “fuck it, no more winter forever” or “there will be snow on the ground until April”. My head hurts.

Destiny 2 came out with an update this week, as well as a new DLC pack sorta thing. I haven’t bought it since it just amounts to a single dungeon and a few extra rewards doing the new free activity, and it costs about the same as a major expansion (one of which is coming in February). It’s… interesting. They brought in guns from Halo to get from the new activity called “Dares of Eternity” which is basically a game show outside of reality hosted by the guy who sells exotics on the weekends and a space horse everyone’s been calling “Juan”. I’m only two Juan bounties away from advancing the quest that will get me the Forerunner sidearm (the Magnum from Halo), and judging by the Bungie Twitter feed, it’s pretty broken. Telesto is taking a week off and giving the game breaking duties to this pistol. All in all, I’m having fun with this, but it’s distracting me from going through the Forsaken campaign which is now free until it gets removed from the game when Witch Queen comes out in February.

As I am writing this, I discovered “Zen Mode” in Visual Studio Code. Toggling it with Ctrl+K Z makes the editor full screen, with only a floating tab bar at the top that shows the currently opened file and split screen utilities, and the rest is just the editor. No nagging terminals, no side pane getting in the way when you aren’t using it, no distractions. I like this, even though at 80 columns, the wasted horizontal space is immense when only working on one file.

Also, installing a markdown linter is making me discover formatting mistakes I didn’t even know were a thing. Neat. Apparently, you’re only supposed to have 0 or 2 trailing spaces per line, and you must have a trailing blank line at the end of a file. Of course, this is all invisible and pedantic, but the squiggles rule over all. Except for maybe space horse.

Linters! Your best friends. I guess.

This is all I have to blurt out for now. It’s hard to believe this is week 50 of 52 and that 2022 is right around the corner. I hope next year will see things get better than they have been the past couple years. I’m cautiously optimistic.