cd-space pleroma information runs off of a Raspberry Pi 3A on a residential Spectrum Internet connection. Downtime is inevitable, and it isn’t the most stable instance out there, so signups are invite only.

Admin contact info

Note: I am in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC -4/5)


The instance header is changed in solidarity for @eetubs who is currently serving in the Finnish army due to their conscription laws. We wish him the best and hope he gets out as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: Due to a bug in the admin frontend, I am unable to access user reports. Please DM me @cdmnky or send me a text only email to to contact.

Update Schedule

The instance runs the develop branch, so updates will occur weekly on Mondays whenever the instance is quiet (which it frequently is). They usually take around 5 to 10 minutes of downtime.


  1. Posts must be legal based on the laws where the server is located (Currently New York, USA). Marijuana and other drugs that are legal in some parts of the US are allowed, however it is advisable to CW them.
  2. NSFW posts are allowed, however they must be CWed. This goes for repeating NSFW posts that aren’t marked sensitive. Note that some instances are filtered and CWed posts from them may not appear CWed to your followers on other instances.
  3. This instance does block other instances. Instances may be blocked if a unanimous vote is taken. Feel free to dm me or shoot an email to recommend an instance to block. Instances that have been known to be associated with illegal activity will be blocked immediately (such as Gab social). If you find one, it is imperative that you send me proof ASAP. Blocked instances and other filters are below.
  4. Racism, homophobia or other marginalization will not be tolerated. Political discussion is encouraged but supremacist ideologies are not welcome here.

MRF Policy

Instances in this list have their federation filtered or blocked by an MRF (Media Rewrite Facility) Entry. A snippet of the instance configuration is available to see the source code for these blocks here.

Media Marked as Sensitive

Instances are included in the media_nsfw list and all media attachments will appear with the Sensitive Content filter, but will still be viewable. NOTE: Due to the nature of federation, if you repeat a post that isn’t initially marked as sensitive, followers on other instances not implementing this MRF rule WILL SEE the unmarked image. Discretion is advised.

Blocked Instances

Instances that are blocked are included in the reject and federated_timeline_removal lists.

Gab Social Instance Policy

Any instance running Gab Social software is filtered out by nginx via user agent. 418 I'm a Teapot is sent to any Gab Social instance attempting to pull in posts while federating.

Known Gab instances are blocked via MRF due to known instances of terrorist activity from before they attempted to join the fediverse. Since federation can be seen as broadcasting terrorist propaganda, and it is illegal in some jurisdictions to do so, this was necessary.