What is Gopher?

Gopher is a web protocol, much like https. It's been around for just as long, yet has largely fallen out of favor once the worldwide web took off. Gopher is different from the web in that it's text based. There aren't any images or embedded links, everything is on its own line.

Why Gopher?

Gopher is simplistic and easy to use. Because of this simplicity, it respects user privacy via its inability to track anyone. It also runs perfectly on even an old dial-up connection, and uses very little bandwidth to run. Heck, I host the gopher server on the very same Raspberry Pi, all on my home internet in the middle of nowhere!

What's on the gopherspace?

Here's some of the stuff you'll find:

How do you visit the gopherpace?

To view the gopher, point your gopher compatible client (such as lynx or VF-1) to gopher:// or visit the Tildeverse Gopher Proxy.